Our Services

We are at your service for projects and teams that require knowledge of Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event Sourcing (ES), and/or Messaging. We know our way around C# and the .NET Framework, with a strong focus on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Test Driven Development (TDD), all while keeping a tab on what's happening in the language, storage, distributed computing and open source space. We like challenging business domains, tackling complex problems, coming up with good enough designs and evolving them over time.

Past work involve building web-native, multi-user products with enterprise scale features such as high configurability by end users, authentication & authorization, printing & reporting, integration with third parties & devices using both messaging and remote procedure calls. We analyzed, designed, documented, fleshed out models, architected solutions into bite-sized portions, wrote automated test specifications at the unit, integration, story, and UI level, wrote code at every layer and tier in the stack, scripted deployments and engaged in the operational side of running software at customer sites, all in order to satisfy requirements and customer happiness.